eLeMeNS is an independent consulting firm focussing on the energy sector, particularly on renewables and thermal sources, energy efficiency, distributed generation, electricity markets, dispatching and grid systems. eLeMeNS works with Italian and foreign investors, industry professionals, companies and sector associations, by providing consulting advice, developing studies and custom analyses and scenarios.
eLeMeNS hosts informal meetings, supports professionals and companies through training and functional / permanent updating sessions, and internal communications initiatives at different levels crafted to match the specific needs of each customer.
eLeMeNS works closely with the leading organisations engaged in energy sector with the aim to increasing their competitiveness and value. eLeMeNS partners with customers to enhance their growth working on ideas, opinions and resources, and operates in close touch with the energy business environment in order to consolidate the innovation potential primarily in the context of Italian market.
eLeMeNS constantly monitors the evolution of domestic and foreign energy markets. eLeMeNS analyses delve into the electricity markets dynamics and growth trends of the renewable energy sources and related incentive schemes, environmental markets (Green Certificates, ETS, Energy Efficiency Certificates), the fuel markets for bioenergy as well as new technologies and innovative processes for the electricity production.
eLeMeNS constantly monitors the evolution - and its effects on market and companies – of the complex legislation and regulatory waves in the renewable energy sector at both National and European level, providing updates, in-depth analyses, specific studies, ad hoc legislation and regulation impact assessments.
eLeMeNS have competences aimed at evaluating risks and strategic opportunities for producers, investors and consumers in the energy sector. eLeMeNS have developed internal capabilities to shape scenarios, research and decision-making support information providing tools and technical / economic assessments needed in the investment and development phases.
Furthermore eLeMeNS, provides research and analysis aimed at inspiring the public debate.


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