• eLeMeNS constantly monitors the evolution of domestic and foreign energy markets. eLeMeNS analyses delve into the electricity markets dynamics and growth trends of the renewable energy sources and related incentive schemes, environmental markets (Green Certificates, ETS, Energy Efficiency Certificates), the fuel markets for bioenergy as well as new technologies and innovative processes for the electricity production.


    LookOut RES-E

    a quarterly monitor and an industry network to thrive on the changing Italian electricity market.

    LookOut RES-E is a quarterly publication by eLeMeNS focused on the status and trends of renewable energy, the incentive systems and intermittent renewable sources integration into the electricity system. The pubblication, available in English and in Italian, deep-dives in details and summarises key findings and main alerts to support top managers in their decision making process, helps readers to immediately identify key issues and scenarios thus becoming a multi-level decision-making support tool for all managerial and research needs.


    Table of contents 


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    Key Contents

    • Regulation and Legislation: production and installed renewable energy capacity trends, costs, trends and possible scenarios of the incentive systems, Green Certificates, Conto energia for PV and the introduction of auctions and registers in view to permanently integrated renewable generation into the electricity system in a competitive market view.
    • Integration into the Italian electricity market: analysis of the integration process of intermittent renewable sources into the system providing operators with useful tools for a direct participation in the sale of electricity through trading, dispatching, and balancing activities.

    LookOut RES-E - not just a publication but a network

    LookOut RES-E – not just a publication but a network of professionals operating in the Italian RES electricity market. The subscription to 4 issues includes periodical updates and an on-going support service on specific topics, and special prices for other eLeMeNS publications, studies, learning activities and networking meetings. 

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